Company Profile

Master Weld Academy was established in 31st March, 2009 with the purpose of providing hands-on teaching and training in the development of welding as a set of vocational skills. Welding has been identified as a pivotal skill in the Government's vision and call to achieve a developed nation in the year 2020. Qualified and certified welders are in demad especially in industries such as Oil and Gas, Pre-fabricated Steels products, Manufacturing, Construction has been identified, and as such Master Weld Academy Students will be trained to fulfill the employment requirements in these industries.

Mission & Vision


Master Weld Academy aims to provide highly skilled and competent workforce in the field of professional welding.


To develop and provide top notch certification in professional welding that would be in line with the standards of developing trained skilled workers for the welding industry in Malaysia

Facilities & Equipments

Master Weld Academy currently operates in a 14,000 sqf detached complex; with 100 welding bays for practical training, 4 lecture classrooms, 1 computer lab, and 1 resource centre. Student hostels are also provided if needed.

The facility has been inspected by the Deptartment of Skills Development, and has been approved according to their equipment listings and requirements.

Each welding booth consists of welding equipment, welding stands, grinders, clamps, and each student will be provided with the necessary safety gears i.e safety booths, hand gloves, hand shields, etc. Our classrooms are equipped with necessary teaching aids.

Awards & Achievements